When managed by the right hands, owning an investment property poses both 
opportunity for reward and peace of mind.

Matter of fact in our communication, we attend to requests as they arise — not when they’re impossible to ignore. WHITEFOX’s attention to diligence is two fold; where rental providers are assured that we act in the interest of their investment, and renters can feel like their lease is actually a home.

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If it wasn’t in their email address, would you know your property manager’s name? At WHITEFOX, it’s more than a dedicated team, it’s your own personalised service partner. With direct communication and without having to prompt twice. And it’s this difference that helps take our property management to the next level.

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Property managers with faces. Ones you know 
and they know you. Contactable when you need, not just when they need you — think maintenance requests, urgent repairs, and rental agreement queries. It’s the level of service you wish you always had, and now you do, at WHITEFOX.

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