Marty Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Marty Fox

An astute visionary from the brand’s inception, Marty matches strategic smarts with prolific leadership and deal experience second to none. Surrounded by a sounding board of cultivated business operators, as CEO he continues to push the agency to new territories of excellence. And in 2023, launching WHITEFOX into the New Zealand market was the next step in creating a truly international real estate brand. Come 2024 the brand moves to Perth and beyond as it’s sphere of influence expands.

Beyond the business and real estate industries, Marty has also extended his influence to our television screens. In his inaugural season as a judge on Channel 9’s The Block, Marty has made an unforgettable impression. With his vast experience and keen real estate acumen, he has not only made an immediate impact but has also shown viewers the transformative power of his insights. Marty’s presence has redefined the very essence of the show, making him a fan favourite and a guiding light for aspiring real estate enthusiasts.

Beyond his role on television, Marty is renowned for his impeccable sense of style. Having dropped the traditional suit and tie look synonymous with real estate, he’s always immaculately dressed, setting the standard for professionalism in every endeavour he undertakes.

In the digital sphere, Marty is a trailblazer with a robust social media presence. His online platforms serve as a hub of inspiration, where he shares his expertise, insights, and glimpses of his exciting journey. Through his engaging online presence, he has not only expanded his reach but has also become a source of motivation for countless individuals aspiring to make their mark in the real estate and business world.

As a dedicated father of three, a serial property flipper, and a respected figure of success, Marty embodies the perfect balance of passion, dedication, and innovation. Under his guidance, WHITEFOX continues to soar to unprecedented heights, influencing the industry and inspiring the next generation of real estate and business leaders.

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