Shura Taft

Content & Media Manager

Shura Taft

Does he look familiar? He should. Shura is a natural in front of a camera and microphone, it’s what led him to an exciting TV and radio career, but it’s in the company of others that activates the dopamine in his brain to be his best. A natural extrovert with a love for people, connections, and words — he’s brilliant at crosswords and marrying people (he’s a celebrant on weekends).

From working in every type of team across various industries, everything Shura touches turns into gripping content. It’s why he handles everything at WHITEFOX from events and media, to how agents present themselves, and even dabbling in auctioneering — a natural pivot from hosting corporate and sports events like the Australian Open and AFL. He’s the humble brag.

Shura describes landing at WHITEFOX as fate. His career and the agency’s soaring growth were running parallel until it was the right time to turn Marty’s historic connection into an asset for the business. An impressive resumé and a rolodex to match doesn’t get in his way of simple, yet extraordinary delights. Which is why you’ll find him at Neighbourhood Pizza when he’s craving Melbourne’s best slice.

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